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DPS Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes your defense spray superior to what we are currently using now?

A: One word, RANGE. The most critical aspect of personal safety is maintaining as great a distance as possible from an adversary. DPS XStream Range Defense Sprays have the longest range in the industry. Our documented ranges are as follows:

1 lb Magnum Ballistic Fog 25+'
4 oz. Stream 20'
3 oz. Foam 10'
2 oz. Stream 17'
2 oz. Fog 10'
1/2 oz. Keychain 15'

Q: Why is Range Important?
A: Range allows you to keep a greater distance from the perpetrator and still effectively defend yourself as well as provide the necessary time for the agent to take effect. In addition, this provides the most important physiological aspect of pepper spray; that is to impair the subject's vision. This impairment causes disorientation due to temporary loss of vision that subsequently supports incapacitation, control and restraint for eventual custody.

Q: Is your spray as effectively hot as the competition?
Yes. Every manufacturer flaunts their spray is hotter than others. There is much more to an effective spray than million S.H.U’s numbers. A viable, safe formulation that works is more important. We use the finest OC extract as well as a proprietary formulation that dissolves the oils and acids on the skin allowing rapid access into the pores. Our spray is Taser safe with a non-flammable delivery system. The result is a superior, effective formulation that will impress anyone who tests it.

Q: What is ONH
A: ONH is “Out the Nozzle Heat”
This is an indisputable simple calculation that most manufacturers avoid. To start the calculation, you need an accurate SHU and % figure. Only about 1% of the pepper sprays on the market are actually what they say they are.
We assay every batch of pepper to insure accuracy, and ultimately insure your safety.

To understand ONH, here is the simple math;

You take the SHU x % = ONH.

For example, if an OC spray is advertised as 2% 5,300,000 SHU, you take 5,000,000 SHU x 2% = 100,000 ONH (Out the Nozzle Heat).

DPS is 10% 2,000,000 SHU. Now take 2,000,000 x 10% = 200,000 ONH (Out the Nozzle Heat)

Q: Is the “Heat” of a pepper spray important?
A: Yes, to a degree;-).
It has been estimated that the human pain tolerance for OC reaches a point of sensory overload in the neighborhood of 130,000-180,000 SHU. It is argued whether this is an accurate number, but the problem with calculating an absolute figure is there are many variables. The range of sensory overload varies from person to person. There are many factors such as age, skin type, adrenaline level, drugs in the system, life experience, ambient air temperature, etc.
The bottom line is; most subjects that are sprayed cannot distinguish the differences in heat. What is most important for a spray to be tactically effective is not necessarily as much the heat as it is the range. When you have both heat and range as you get with DPS, you have arguably the best tactical defense spray on the market.

Q: With Taser’s becoming popular, why consider your spray?
A: Taser’s provide excellent capabilities and have unparalleled success. But sharp criticism of its use in those conditions on lower levels on the use of force continuum has seriously tarnished the professional image of the police officer. OC Defense Sprays have been an accepted tool for more than 30 years. But the range of Defense Sprays has been a major concern for application. Our X-Stream Range Defense Sprays have virtually the same effective range as a Taser with multiple adversary capabilities.

Q: What about cost factors?
A: Budgets are always a major consideration and cost of the use of equipment per incident affects operational finances. The cost of one (1) cartridge for a Taser is $24 to $28 per person per incident. The cost of one (1) application of our X-Stream Range Defense Sprays is less $1.86 per person per incident. This effectively provides a minimum of eight (8) applications for an average total cost of $14.95 per canister with the capability of using applications on eight or more adversaries.

Q: What about department liability protection?
DPS was co-founded by the most recognized OC expert and instructor in the United States today, Thomas J Archambault. In 1990 he developed the first non-manufacturer specific OC instructor certification course in the nation. In addition, he was the Executive Director of Training for the oldest and largest defense spray company in the world for three years during the
national OC spray years (1993-1996) and assisted with the development of pepper foam, various formulations and spray delivery systems.
To date he has trained more than 9000 OC instructors and not once has his program ever been the subject of a lawsuit. Tom’s program was used by the I.A.C.P. national test study of OC by officers that he trained in Maryland in 1991. He testified before the U.S. States Congress on the use of chemical agents at Waco as well countering two A.C.L.U. studies with factual rebuttal information.
DPS has one of the highest insurance liability protection plans in the industry at $2 million dollars. Departments that adopt DPS X-Stream Range Defense Sprays will be able to receive cost-free* TJA/DPS 5 year Instructor certification with backed-in-court protection. *course requires regional schools with minimum participant attendance and will be certified by TJA Use of Force Training, Inc..

Q: Do we need to change holsters for your spray?
A: NO. Our canisters are of the same size as the most popular units and will fit in most holsters. We offer ½ oz, 2-3-4 oz canisters all with flip top spray design as well as 1 pound magnum units. DPS X-Stream Range Defense Sprays additionally come in stream, fog and foam formulations all with the longest range and distance available in the OC industry today.

Q: Will your company support our Department?
A: We offer total support for your department from the ordering process to the courtroom. We can also custom-tailor your specific formulation if required. In addition, we support OC use of force incident review for potential court situations. We can also assist with the review of policy/ procedures for OC use and applications. This includes individual and/or crowd control street conditions for law enforcement as well as correctional
conditions in facilities. No other Defense Spray manufacturer provides this type of support with established national credibility.

Q: Can our department OC training officer speak with you?
A: Absolutely and we recommend it! We will fully assist your department and discuss your current spray usage, training certification program, and make cost effective recommendations on use of defense sprays for various divisions/assignments of your officers as well as tactical operations. Our commitment to your department goes far beyond the sale defense sprays.


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