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DPS X-Stream-range™ Defense Sprays were specifically designed and developed to fill a critical void in the field with present OC sprays available. Thomas J. Archambault, who has more than 20 years of national and international OC certification training expertise as well as three years previous employment with a the oldest and largest manufacturer of defense sprays in the world, developed this concept.
Tom was involved from the inception of OC with various patterns and formulations of defense sprays. He was also involved with training videos and related certification training programs for law enforcement, corrections and the U.S. Military worldwide. No one in the industry has more knowledge or credibility on the subject of OC related products, their usage, effectiveness and training.
To help fill the industry void, a new partnership was formed; Defensive Protection Systems, LLC, or DPS for short.
DPS has released a powerful X-Stream Range™ Defense Spray Product Line. The 4 oz unit has an incredible 20 Foot Range, while even the 1/2 oz. keychain fires accurately 15 feet'. Our 3 oz. Foam Canister has an unprecedented 10-foot range! This was unheard of in the defense spray industry before we developed the X-Stream Range™ line of sprays.
The delivery system was designed to place a copious amount of visible OC agent on the facial area with an instant one second burst. This amazing spray delivers range and coverage with low cross contamination in the area.

The significant advantage of the DPS X-Stream-range™ is distance;
We call it the "DPS Range for Safety Advantage™.”

The "Range for Safety Advantage™" gives you the advantage of keeping your distance from the perpatrator and still effectively defend yourself. For law enforcement, it gives them the same effective range of an Taser with a lot less liability and cost per use.

No other spray in the industry has the long range capability of our Defense Sprays. Period. Whether it is foam, small ½ oz key chain units, defense pagers, or 2-3-4-16 oz canisters. DPS spray on faceIn addition, our stream and foam patterns provide instantaneous effectiveness with a super high-painted visibility factor for the officer to assess in an effort to reduce the over-spray factor. In addition, a special carrier has been formulated to dissolve the oils & fatty acids on the surface of the skin, causing opening of the pores allowing the capsaicin to instantly gain access into the skin.
In order to insure our spray was hot enough to do the job without playing the numbers game like so many companies do; we employed a certified laboratory for testing. The results showed that the DPS X-Stream Range™ Defense Sprays are safer and hotter than most sprays in the industry today. They actually tested out at more than 50% hotter than other brands. Combine that heat with X-Stream Range™ and you have the most practical hard-hitting spray on market.


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