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DPS Black Label 10+2 OC/CS Blend

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DPS Pocket Mini GrenadeThis formulation was designed and developed for extreme tactical operations for law enforcement and correction in high threat conditions.  The formulation consists of an evaporate carrier with 10% OC and 2% CS in a full cone formulation.  Physiological effects are extensive. The CS causes acute stress in respiration with coughing, gagging and temporary shortness of breath.  The OC has the atypical dermal affect with intensive heat and temporary, involuntary closing of the eyes.  If your department has a requirement for the most powerful spray in the world, the DPS BLACK LABEL Extreme Tactical Opts Defense Spray is your chemical system.

Black Label with be available in 2 oz. to Magnum size and will also be available in 2 and 7 oz. grenades. The small sized 2 oz canister is easily carried in a shirt pocket and has incredibly fast dispersement (less than 10-12 seconds) with the shocking DPS Black formula effectively it covers up 100 cubic feet of space almost instantly. After full dispersement, the oc covers an area approximately 9000 cu.ft. in 30-45 seconds.

The DPS Black Label PMG has instantaneous physiological effectiveness with its minute airborne microscopic droplets cone-fog dispersement delivery system. The DPS Mini-Pocket Grenade is an extremely powerful weapon system in a compact, easy to carry size.
The units are a hand-held throwing units with a lock-on continuous discharge tops.

The DPS Pocket Mini Grenade also does something that no other lock-on grenade does... It fully disperses the contents of the can. When the grenade is thrown it lands on it's side. Most grenades only empty 1/2 way because the dip tube is straight. Through our own research and development, we have have devised a way to get the dip tube to flex down and stay in the solution which allows the entire can to empty.

The Magnum unit is a 1 pound unit with a gun handle that is also ideal for control and dispersement of crowds.


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