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DPS Keychain Defense Sprays

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Our DPS keychain units and refills have 1/2 oz. of DPS X-Stream Range™ Pepper Spray in them, firing an amazing 15 feet! Don't settle for a lesser spray, spend the extra $1.00 and get the best!

DPS Hard shell Keychain DPS Hardshell Keychain

hardshell safety featureOur DPS 1/2 oz. key chain pepper spray unit is compact and easy to carry. It is ideal for clipping on yourself, a purse, a bike, in a car or just carrying with your keys. It measures on 3-1/2" long.

This high quality hardshell unit comes with a built on clip for easy convenient carrying. The design is unique and is made for quick and easy firing. It also has a built in safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

DPS Soft-shell Keychain

DPS Extreme Range Pepper Spray
Mercedes Key not included:-)

The DPS soft-shell unit looks more like the traditional "Mace" keychain. These are made of onc-piece flexible rubber and have always been popular with the ladies. They fit nicely on any keyring and still give you the 15 foot Range for Safety Advantage™. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

Soft Shell keychain pepper spray




X-Stream Range 1/2 oz. Refill Unit

DPS X-Stream Range Keychain Pepper SprayThis 1/2 oz. DPS X-Stream Range™ refill unit can be carried on its own or used to refill our hardshell or softshell units shown above. It is the same exact spray inside the keychain units. It fires an amazing 15 feet to allow you the DPS Range for Safety Advantage™.

DPSK -1/2 oz. Keychain Refill






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