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Impact Edged Weapon (I.E.W)

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After 5 years of design and development, the patented IEW (Impact Edged Weapon) has arrived.

Designed first and foremost as a concealable impact weapon, the IEW has tremendous and powerful striking capabilities.

The IEW is designed to fit into your hand with a firm and controlled grip with the finger grooves in the blade that aligns with the handle.

IEW in hand
IEW in hand

The IEW has auto assist and a 8CR13MOV stainless serrated and straight blade. The IEW handle is constructed of G10 and carbon fiber.

IEW Open

The two strike points at the ends provides extremely powerful, focused, disabling striking points that directs full and concentrated energy of the strike without penetration.

IEW Closed

The IEW is very well constructed. It is all C&C cut and made of the finest materials for many years of daily use.

IEW  in box

Each unit is serial numbered and includes a pull string storage bag. The IEW has an MSRP of $125.00. This unit can be purchased from authorized dealers.

TJA Tactical Training offers a civilian certification course for the IEW.

The IEW civilian course can be purchased here.

TJA also offers a law enforcement/corrections one-day IEW Instructor and two-day IEW Instructor-Trainer Certification Course are available through TJA directly.

IEW Instructor Course Kit Brochure - Click Here

IEW Instructor Course(s) NOW AVAILABLE - Click Here


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