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DPS X-Stream Range Defense Sprays

DPS X-Stream-range™ Defense Sprays were specifically designed and developed to fill a critical void in the field with present OC sprays available. Thomas J. Archambault, who has more than 32 years of national and international OC certification training expertise as well as three years previous employment with a the oldest and largest manufacturer of defense sprays in the world, developed this concept. Tom was involved from the inception of OC with various patterns and formulations of defense sprays. He was also involved with training videos and related certification training programs for law enforcement, corrections and the U.S. Military worldwide. No one in the industry has more knowledge or credibility on the subject of OC related products, their usage, effectives and training. more


Q: What is ONH
A: ONH is “Out the Nozzle Heat”
This is an indisputable simple calculation that most manufacturers avoid. To start the calculation, you need an accurate SHU and % figure. Only about 1% of the pepper sprays on the market are actually what they say they are.
We assay every batch of pepper to insure accuracy, and ultimately insure your safety.

To understand ONH, here is the simple math;

You take the SHU x % = ONH.

For example, if an OC spray is advertised as 2% 5,000,000 SHU, you take 5,000,000 SHU x 2% = 100,000 ONH (Out the Nozzle Heat).

DPS is 10% 2,000,000 SHU. Now take 2,000,000 x 10% = 200,000 ONH (Out the Nozzle Heat)

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Agency FAQ


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What Agencies are Saying about DPS

"I’d like to share our experience with your product, and the impact it had on our department. As soon as we tested the Oleoresin Spray we received from you during the CERT Course we hosted, we had been looking for a safer product which was non-flammable and did not compromise our effectiveness during potentially dangerous situations, after testing nearly every product in the market, with less then positive results, we are very satisfied with your product and we have decided to make it the standard issue for our Special Response Team. Thank you.

Lt. Roberto Gracia
Training & Compliance / SRT Commander

OuchPictured here is Brian Scott Clark and he is warden at Bedford Prison in Bedford PA. While a few men were required to be sprayed in order to be certified as trainers, Brian volunteered. He had been sprayed 17 times in his career both in training and other times to test different OC products. Brian is the perfect candidate to receive a live exposure with DPS to see how it fairs to all the other brands he has been hit with in the past. Well here is Brian's testimonial:

August 22, 2006


My career in Law Enforcement began in the United States Marine Corps in 1991 I have served in the Capacity of CERT Commander for two Correctional Institutions and currently serving as Warden of the Bedford County Prison. During my Law Enforcement Career I have received 18 Live Exposures with Oleoresin Capsicum Sprays. I received exposures from all Major Manufactures to include stream, cone, foam and double heat units. While all of these sprays had some effect on me such as rapid closing of eyes, respiratory effects and heat none of them had the effect that I experienced with the DPS X-Stream Range Spray.

The DPS X-Stream Range Spray is the first live exposure where I experienced a Sensory Overload. This extremely effective spray was fast acting taking effect over my eyes and respiratory system almost immediately. During my 18 live exposures I have been sprayed with many products claiming that they have twice the heat of most sprays however in my experience with those sprays one was no hotter than the other, until I was sprayed with the DPS X-Stream Range Spray. The DPS X-Stream Range was extremely effective.

As a Warden of a County Prison and Trained C.E.R.T. Commander I am always searching for a product to keep my officers safer in this unsafe and unpredictable environment. I have found that product in the DPS X-Stream Range Spray. This product gets the job done and still leaves no long term health or injury to the subject. In addition, with ranges up to 17-20 feet with this stream spray my officers can engage an attacker at a safe distance. I will be switching to the DPS X-Stream Range.

Brian S. Clark / Warden

DPS Testimonial You can download the original testimonial on Bedford County letterhead here: DPS Testimonial

We also have the spray footage on Brian and another officer who got hammered:-)
These clips are in .mov format which requires Quick time. They are large files:

http://www.irvs.net/DPS/2.MOV 18 meg
http://www.irvs.net/DPS/2a.MOV 6.75 meg
http://www.irvs.net/DPS/3.MOV 13 meg


One of the officers made up what I guess would be a reverse-acronym for DPS and made a sign to go with it. It helps you understand what these guys went through and how they feel about DPS...



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