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DPS Magnum Units

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DPS Magnum Unit Maximum protection for home, business, motor homes, boats and campers (This stuff will drive off a grizzly bear). This is a handle held unit with strong visual qualities (just the site of it makes the bad guys nervous). We have three X-Stream Range™ models to choose from. 1st is the Ballistic Fog. This unit puts out a high powered cone shaped emission over 25 feet. 2nd is the Firemaster top which is the same top all the bear spray models use. It is a "high emission" fogger that you hold on your finger. The 3rd is the Magnum Foam unit thatfires up to 15’ giving DPS Magnum units the farthest range of any magnum unit on the market. This gives you ” The "X-Stream Range for Safety Advantage™" allowing you to quickly take control of an individual or a crowd from a safe distance.


Corrections Cell Extractor

The DPS cell 24 oz. cell extractor was designed to fill a void in the corrections UOF that previously has been limited to just a handful of items on the market.

We designed the DPS cell extractor to be affordable and reusable at about 1/3rd less than competitors units. The tube and components are easily cleanable with warm water.

When you have an inmate not cooperating, you can send in the CERT team or Simply slip the tube under the cell door and give a 1/2 second blast. The inmate is typically begging to get out in less than 60 seconds.

This is 24 oz. of the meanest OC being used in corrections today! The inmates call it "The Silver Bullet"

Even the baddest most troublesome inmates only require one exposure before they are spreading the word that "you don't F@$k with the Silver Bullet".

OC usage has gone down in some institutions since switching to DPS. Once you get hit, you never ever want to be hit with it again.

We don't just tell you how good we think our products are, we have agencies who will tell you for us! Most agencies who sample DPS switch to it if they can.

Are you ready to start using the best tactical defense spray on the market?

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