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DPS No BS Policy

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So what does all the DPS credibility talk mean to you?
Well that is a good question and I will keep it simple;
It means NO BS.
DPS was built on the Credibility of Thomas J. Archambault from TJA Training and Irv Miller, President of J & L Self Defense. We have many years invested in building our reputations as straight shooters in the industry, in other words NO BS. This not only goes for the products we manufacturer, but also for the way they are labeled and advertised.

The first question an educated consumer seeking a good pepper spray will ask is what is the SHU of DPS? This is because we have spent the last 15 years telling everyone that the % of a spray does not matter, it is the "% of what" that they need to know, hence the SHU question. So now they are asking. Well nothing has really changed, spray manufacturers have just gotten smarter about advertising. They raise the SHU way up and either lower the % or keep it the same to make everyone once again say "bigger numbers must be better".
Once I tell a customer DPS is 2,000,000 SHU customers think the spray is not as good as a 5,000,000 SHU or one claiming 20%.

That is because they do not understand the numbers game. The truth is none of that matters because it is only marketing hype. The ONH or out the nozzle heat of an OC spray is what really matters. The only variable after the ONH is the base components of the spray. Without getting into a bunch of long boring technical data, I will keep it simple and tell you that DPS is a 200,000 ONH spray. This is documentable. We advertise 2,000,000 SHU in a 10% formula so most people can understand it. 10% X 2,000,000 SHU = 200,000 ONH (out the nozzle heat) and that is a fact. If I told you I was selling a 2% 10,000,000 SHU spray, would you feel better?

Ok so lets say we are selling a 2% 10,000,000 SHU spray. So 2% X 10,000,000 = 200,000 ONH (out the nozzle heat). You see what we are trying to tell you? It is a numbers game that we are not playing.


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